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You've just picked up the Starter and you want to play, but you don't know where to start! This pdf is a step by step guide for you to use with your brand new Starter. It will tell you to build 2 small decks of 23 cards from your Starter pack and then step-by-step show you what happens during a game and why.

So there you have it, ground pressure does matter for both humans and crawler carriers alike. Just think the next time you find your feet sinking into mud or see the ruts your wife left in the lawn trying to exit your driveway, you’ll be thinking back on this blog.

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Admin of site has has some personal issues he has had to deal with, site still up but updates are sporadic. Some sections appear to be current others, not so much. Just checked their movie listing latest one posted is 2 weeks old…as of 7/31. Wouldn’t use as your main source.

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• RTR with KIT version available soon
• 4 wheel steering with 4 steering modes that can be switched while driving
• Motor on axle improve grip on both the front and rear tires
• LCG chassis design for handling steep inclines
• 2 in 1 ESC and receiver
• Uses 2S Lipo batteries

Height: 95mm
Width: 130mm
Length: 187mm
Wheelbase: 136mm
Weight: 250g (chassis only)
Battery compartment: 50 x 30 x 15mm (Max)

4 x AA size battery for transmitter
300mah 2S Lipo battery

Crawler - Crawler LiveCrawler - Crawler LiveCrawler - Crawler LiveCrawler - Crawler Live